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     A glimpse into the last decade of the 19th century would show Joseph Withrow celebrating age 59-69.  Sarah Jane, would age from 56-66. Joseph Jr.  turned 16 in 1890 and at the end of the century turned 26.  At age 11 in 1890, the family would not have expected that little Sarah Jane (Sadie) would only live for six more years in the decade often referred to as the Gay Nineties.

     At the beginning of the decade, Joe Jr. (16) and Sadie (11) probably walked to school with the children of their older sisiter, Ginevra.  Ginevra (35), John Mac (40) and their three children lived next to the Withrows.  Estella now 14, Eugene now 13, and Leroy now 11 undoubtedly attend the country school shown on the map below.

     The families properties are located in the northwest quadrant of section 16.  The school is located in the far southeast corner of the same section.  School District No. 5.

     Anna and her husband, Wm. lived in Greene County as well as Boone County and Carroll Counties.  There is a considerable amount of research needed on this branch of the family.  However, this is where some of the third and fourth cousins I know come in.

     By 1899, Ginevra's daughter, Estella, was close to marriage.  Her brother, Eugene (23) and Leroy (21) had also become adults by the end of the 1890's.

NW Quadrant Section 16 Original Homestead of the family
Look for school in the southeast corner. The kids had about a two mile walk by road. Did they cut through the section on winter days? I do know it was not uphill both ways.  This is not a very clear map. When I enlarge it, it goes off the page. Well, another technology problem to solve.

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