Monday, April 6, 2015

Moving On

     My first blog series featured the family of Sarah Jane Withrow (1834-1922). I am not done with Sarah Jane nor with her daughters, Ginevra (1855-1922) and Anna Josephine (1857-1920).  I am still searching for their niece, Nellie Frederick (abt1881-?). After spotting the news article about her visiting her cousin, my Great Great Uncle Gene Vorhies (1877-1964 ) See post On the Track of  Nellie. I am happy to report that I have found a couple more references to her. She is listed as an out of town attendee of Anna Josephine's funeral. Anna was her aunt.  I have also found her as a teacher in Jefferson around 1900. These are clues for me to follow. But, I want to move on.  I think it might have been easier to write about the older ancestors. Moving down the family tree means more branches going in multiple ways. Which one will we take? I am leaning toward Hiram Lee Smith. ( 1868-1929)  Most of my second and first cousins remember his wife, our Great Grandma Estella Smith(1876-1959).  I spoke of her on the About Me page.

     On January 1, 1900, Estella married Hiram. Their marriage announcement is in the blog post titled  January 1, 1900.  
      They are very nice looking young people. The back of Grandpa Hiram's photo says 1899. There is only a name on Grandma's but it looks like it might be around the same time.
Estella Mae Vorhies Smith

Hiram Lee Smith

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