Monday, August 31, 2015

Mondays With Margie

If you are paying close attention, you will see that Mondays With Mary took on a twist this week. Mary's daughter, Margie, has a few words to share.

Mary and Margie long, long ago

Once I learned about genealogy blogs and started Cousins, I stumbled upon the blogosphere, a whole big world of genealogy blogs and bloggers. Genealogy and blogging are both very addictive pastimes especially if you have an iPad and a recliner. And I love to read... so hours and days can go by before I know it while researching and reading other blog posts and family stories. Sometimes life interrupts the search for Revolutionary War grandfathers, time to scan fabulous old photos, and decisions about what to do with boxes of  "treasures" which belonged to your grandmother's first cousin and eventually end up in your possession. Hypothetically speaking, of course.
This has been a bittersweet summer of interruptions, but also a time to cherish the time we have left with our oldest family member, my 97 year old mother-in-law. I have mentioned her before. She is a fountain of knowledge and hopefully will continue to be now that she has been moved into an assisted living facility where she can continue her independence but with a careful eye present to keep her safe. Anyone who has had this experience with a parent or other older family member knows the extent of the time that is involved.

With these issues resolved, we have  flown (literally) the coop to our winter location. It is supposed to be 110 degrees here today. Not exactly winter. We are here so I can join up with a travel group for a departure in September to Sicily and Italy. It is not a genealogy trip unless I should discover a family connection to Pompeii..

I was inspired to ramble on today because I just read a post with my new found down time from 2014 in The Family Tapestry. The author is Jacqi Stevens, and I am inspired by her writing. May 8, 2014 she wrote a blog titled "Biographer of Insignificant Lives". I recommend reading it.

So this is why I do this. Not only am I fascinated  by my grandchildren's ancestors, but I am fascinated by the stories I read of other families linage as well.  I would like to quote from Jacqi's post and give her full credit for these great words. She discusses the reason for these genealogical blog posts. "We put our stories out there and invite anyone who wants to join us in remembering to capture the essence and help to preserve it. To pass it along."

She adds,  "'s about the words: words that enable people like you and me to become biographers of the insignificant.  We alone may be the ones who can have that kind of 'exclusive' story."

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  1. Margie, I am thrilled to learn that that post has captured your attention! It certainly is the stories that draw us further into the history of our ancestors.

    Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing trip!