Saturday, September 26, 2015

Wedding Day

Genealogists and genealogy bloggers are encouraged to write about the lives of the family members of today. After all, in 100 years, we will all be gone and our descendants will be trying to figure out what our lives were like back in olden days of 2015.

Today is wedding day for one of the descendants of Sarah Jane Swartzel Withrow.  She is my go to grandmother when I want to place someone into the family pedigree. Sarah Jane is the 4th great grandmother to today's bride, Jill.  Of course, Jill, is descended from thousands not just Sarah Jane.  On my Facebook timeline I posted a quote that seems appropriatate.

Suddenly All My Ancestors Are Behind Me.  "Be Still" They Say. "Watch and Listen.  You Are the Result Of The Love Of Thousands."

Thousands of loves. And the love of Jill and Matt will make this family line continue on and on into the future.

Best wishes and love to Jill and Matt.

This is wedding day for another Matt. This Matt is not part of my family tree, but his mother is family in my heart. His mother and I were teaching together on the February snowy morning that he was born.  I opened my front door early that morning to find a plastic wrapped set of books and lesson plans. This dedicated teacher about to be a new mother had made her husband make a detour to my front step on the way to the hospital.

Best wishes to Matt and his bride, Katie.

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