Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I hate it when I make mistakes. However, on the positive side, when I make one of these mistakes, I get blog feedback. I love blog feedback. So far the mistakes I have made aren't because I don't know the correct information. I honestly don't know why I made the last one.  In my blog Under the Walnut Tree. I spoke about my great grandmother (Emma Borden) when I meant to be talking about her daughter, my grandmother (Nina Frances Borden Wright). I have made the correction.

Grandma Nina Wright's first great-grandchild was born on her 69th birthday. I wrote about that when I wished my daughter, that great-grandchild, happy birthday on September 19.

So, with the correction made, I am ready to go on.  Today's post was going to be titled Wordless Wednesday, November 4, 2015. Then, of course, I would post a cool picture. It is scanned and ready to go. Didn't work. So, then I thought about just a blank page. 

When opened there would be nothing there. Wordless, you know. Maybe not such a great idea. In other words, as previously mentioned, I am having technology issues. Still unresolved. I thought I had a lead on the problem. A recent update to a new improved platform seems to be a contender for the culprit causing 
my frustration. I inquired at a local computer shop, but found no satisfaction there. It was a huge mistake going there!

Another mistake I am probably making is hopping from ancestral line to ancestral line. If I have cousins following my blog and I jump to another line (not related to them) will I lose their interest? 

It only stands to reason that I would follow one line at a time. However, I once learned in a seminar that I do not organize sequentially.  I am a global organizer. This means all over the place. I guess we have the answer. I will be hopping. Don't forget a particular ancestral line can be found together in the Index Page at the top of this blog.

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