Monday, January 11, 2016

Mondays With Mary-2016

I am encouraged by the personal comments I get about Mondays With Mary. I am glad so many of you enjoy this feature.  However, my ability to write from those calendars is limited due to my winter location. I only have a few of these treasures with me. One of those calendars is from 1985, and I thought I could do a little 30 years ago series. Oops. I guess it will have to be 31 years ago. Happy New Year.

Friday, January 11

 4 degrees below - windy at 7:45 - we stayed
home all day   watched T.V. - read -
and quilted - windy & cold all day.

Saturday, January 12

2 degrees below at 7:45 a.m.  sun shining
warming up - went to Scranton in a.m.
for dog food - read & quilted
most of day.

Sunday, January 13

36 degrees in a.m. warmed up
to 40ties - Vern drove up to Dales to look at
his calves - I quilted and read to-day.

Monday, January 14

12 degrees high winds this a.m. at 7 a.m. cold day
Vern helping Dale load calves for sale at Carroll
I quilted - wrote letters to L. Keithley & Midge
Went to town for lunch with Ardea- we drove over
to Jeff to 2nd hand shop - got 2 sweaters   home at 2p. m.

The morning temperatures for the rest of the third week in January are recorded as 10 degrees, 18 degrees, 26 degrees, 18 degrees, and then Saturday, January 19 starts off with "13 degrees below zero" "high winds - getting colder" and ending with "22 degrees below to-nite".

Now I know why I am writing from a warmer climate.

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