Friday, January 22, 2016

Throwback Thursday - A day late

I recently read a blog about life getting in the way of blogging. This has been my problem this week. Unlike many of life's interruptions in 2015 which dealt with family loss, these interruptions were very welcome.

First is the report from my Uncle Bill's 90th birthday that I wrote about in Wordless Wednesday from January 16. I am so glad I flew to his state one day and back the next. It was a whirlwind adventure but well worth it to see his pleasure at my presence. The time we have with our older relatives are becoming more precious and time sensitive.

I was able to see several cousins whom I have not seen in many years. Stories, laughs, realizations that we will soon be the oldest generation of our family filled our conversations and memories.  Trials and tribulations, health concerns and relationships added to our collective exchanges. It was a day to remember with love and thanks.  I was thrown back to my childhood and many points in between to the present.

In keeping with being thrown back in time, I encountered a fellow teacher a few days ago who I saw last in 1977. This is almost 40 years ago. She had been my son's first grade teacher. Here we are in a winter's retreat states and states away from where our paths had crossed all those years ago.  Did she know me? One look at my nametag and she immediately said, "Scott's mom." It seems that one of our favorite family stories was also one of hers.  She was a young, young teacher. It was picture day and Scott had accidently cut his shirt with the scissors. What to do? She brilliantly had him turn his shirt around so he was wearing it backwards. The problem was the shirt was thin enough to see the tag through the shirt.

Love the memories. Life is good.


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