Saturday, February 20, 2016


Augustus is a surname not yet mentioned much on this blog.  This is my husband's mother's maiden name. My husband grew up close to his Augustus grandparents. They had two children, his mother and her brother. Each of those children had five children. Grandpa Halle and Grandma Ina Augustus were special to their ten grandchildren. My husband and his first cousins enjoyed family times together and when I came into the family, I felt very much a part of the group.

Grandpa Halle is the fellow that made it to 100. His birthday was a grand affair with lots and lots of family and friends in attendance. At the time of the party, he was still living at home alone and taking moderately good care of himself.

Grandpa Halle was one of five children. His parents, Sherman and Lizzie, lived in Scranton where Sherman was mayor at one time. We have a great photo of them in front of their home there. The photo will make its way to this blog but not until a return from my winter haven. I didn't bring any of the Augustus files with me when we came south. I had determined it was a winter for trailing the Wrights. (My father's family)

Now don't I wish I had those files. Here is why.

Four of my husband's first cousins actually live in the area of our winter home.  One is getting interested in the family genealogy and is aware that some of the grandchildren of Grandpa Halle's sister, Wilda Estelle Augustus Smith also live in the area.

Contacts and arrangements have been made and we are off on Sunday to meet some second cousins and second cousins once removed. I do have some photos I hope they can identify. I am also anxious to share genealogical information. The Augustus line might be our closest line to royalty. Hallie Joseph Augustus, his sister Wilda, and their three other siblings are the 4th great grandchildren of John Augustus who was born in Hanover, Germany. It is believed by many descendants that John Augustus (1735-1809) was fathered by KING GEORGE II of the House of Hanover.  Some claim the christening records are locked away in the Tower of London, never to be seen by the public.

I do not intend to follow this mystery/family tale/ lore at the present time. Instead, I am concentrating on the lower branches of this family tree and looking forward to meeting other descendants of John Augustus of Hanover, Germany. I wonder if they have ever heard this story. I will let you know.

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