Saturday, February 13, 2016

Genealogy, Genealogy Everywhere

Genealogy is just running out of my ears. Thursday I finished the second series of classes on the genealogical program Legacy. I have taken this class before, but there is so much involved that I come away thinking I am totally new at it. I do, however, highly recommend this program if you are searching for one.

My DNA tests came back. Yeah! If I were snowed in somewhere, I could start to search through my 497 fourth cousins or closer. Then, I could start on my husband's results. He doesn't have as many but they look very promising. Happily I can report that I am not snowed in and the warm weather is pulling me away from all that tedious work. Fourth cousins might have to wait. I also took a generic DNA class and promised a friend I would share my notes over coffee next week.  There goes another morning.

In just a couple of weeks, I will be attending the Genealogical Conference put on by the West Valley Genealogical Society. I recently was mentioned in their advertising because I won the drawing last year for free admission this year. I am almost famous.

Then, we are making some real life connections to some of my husband's second cousins. We will soon get together to share old pictures and ancestrial information. Like I said, genealogy is just running out my ears.

Recently, I have read a few articles and noticed discussions on what might happen to a genealogist's work after he/she passes away. A friend sent me this link which the author asks to be accessed directly with the link below. I hope I can count on my own children to NOT follow this example.

The article is titled  Cleaning Mother's House

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