Monday, February 1, 2016

Grandma's Own Words (continued)

If you missed the beginning of this story published on Friday, it can be found by clicking here.

In 1917 my Dad bot a new model T. Was sure proud.  In a short time I was driving.  I went out one day & told mama I was going for a ride & she said (I'll go with you .  If you get killed, we both will)   So we had a nice ride & the next day I took Uncle Sherm & Aunt Alice quite a little ways.  We had lots of good rides after that.  I used to take the car & some woman & Len Tubbs ( a neighbor & we went to Ft. Dodge many times.. Had to put the car in the garage so some one wouldn't take it.

In 1920 I met a fellow thru the Jenks girls.  Letha lived on Grandpa Wright's farm.  So it turned out after a year, I married the guy  (Albert L. Wright)  We were married at Lake City at home.  The Preacher, his wife, Mom & Dad were there. (Year 1921)

We then moved to the farm at Sac City.  Lived there for a year then moved to Lake City where Albert went in the salvage business.  He did very well & later he bot a house on South Woodlawn & had it move on the lot next to the folks.  While we lived there he bot a merry-go-round and ran it for a year.  Set at Spring Lake-Twin Lakes-Gowrie-Scranton & Lake City.

Vern came along in 1922 & Ina in 1924.  I sold tickets & took care of them at some places.

In 1928 we sold the merry-go-round & it went to Eddyville, Iowa.

In 1928 Bonnie came to live with us.  And in 1930, Al arrived. We then lived at Sherwood north of Lake City on 40 acres.  In 1934 Doll came & in 1936 we moved to Luther, Iowa on a farm. The 40 acres by Sherwood was peat ground & Dad couldn't stand the dust on account of his asthma.

In 1936 Lela came while we were living by Luther.  From there we went by Callender, Iowa and bot 80 acres.  It also was part peat ground & the Dr. told Dad to get away from it so we sold it & moved by Scranton.  In 1939 while at Callender Gene came.  We lived at Scranton about 2 years.  In 1941 Evelyn was born.

In 1941 we moved to south of Guthrie Center on a rented place.  In the process from Scranton to Mrs. Winston's place the kids all had the red measles.  What a time. Al got them at school & Doll, Lee & Gene got them first.  Dad took Ina, Bonnie & Al with him so part of them were with me & part with him all with the measles.

From Mrs. Winston's place we moved to Coon Rapids, Iowa on a big farm owned by Mr. Kooney...lived there 6 years.  Had a nice herd of cattle.  Some calves were bot at Carroll for $6 & $7 a head.

When we moved 2 miles south of Guthrie Center, we had 10 milk cows & other cattle.  That was a nice place 240 acres.  It was the first running water we ever had.

In 1950, we sold & traded for the place by the creek at Lake City.  That was a beautiful place -running water-furnace & all.

In 1952 we moved to Menlo on 80 acres...lived there a couple years then came to Boone, Iowa in 1953 & lived here every since.  Dad dealt in second hand furniture & antiques.

Bot the house at 618 W. 2nd
Bot one at      W6th
Bot acreage at south Webster.
Bot 2 trailer houses. One I still have.
Last lived at 115- S -State
I moved the trailer to 522 W 1st ...probably will be the last move.  Lived in Boone 17 years.     

   Wedding photo of my Grandma Nina and Grandpa Albert Wright

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