Monday, February 8, 2016

Mondays With Mary - February 1990

The temperature up and downs of winter in Iowa are extreme. It might be 65 degrees as it was January 15, 1990 or 14 degrees a few days later as it was January 19, 1990. No wonder people get sick with these typical fluctuations. This can happen all winter long. January 31 the day warmed into the 50's and then February 2, the day started at 15 degrees.

18 February, 1990

24 degrees - S wind most of day
split loader of wood and put up
on porch - went to Scranton
for milk  - G&D Lewis out for coffee
got home Fri nite ( I think refers to G&D)
my throat & cold worse I think

19 February, 1990

14 degrees @ 7:15  warmed up into 40ties
Duane out to feed cows.  I went to quilt today
finished Kate Hennings. & put in Edna Lawerence
 card tricks (card tricks is a quilt pattern)
Vern & Doug S. & Brooke cut some wood
Doug took splitter home

20 February, 1990

6 degrees @ 7:15  Short ( a neighbor) down in a.m.
I went to get my hair set in a.m.
cold still bad.  Vern pulled tree out of pasture in front of house
put brush on N silo pasture  I worked on Joyce's wall hanging
warmed into high 30ties

21 February, 1990

26 degrees @ 6:30 a.m.  Duane out in a.m.
& brought light poles to make a roof on silage pit 
I went to Jeff to doctor for medicine
have the flu.  slept in p.m.  Tried to get Margie - no luck.

She says her cold was some better the next day and she went off to
quilt from 10:30 to 3:00 and then went to Lake City to buy shirts and boots for Vern. That must have been good medicine.

She also reached me by phone the next day. I imagine that I was out celebrating my 45th birthday. Where has the time gone?

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