Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter 2016

Last year I wrote a post about Easter. It was a little walk down memory lane. It can be read here. Easter 2015. I hope you will read it because this is a slight continuation from one year ago.

I mention the memories of my cousin and me in our Easter dresses standing in the front yard on our farm. Oh, how I had wished last year that I had that picture to show. Well, a year has gone by, and I have run across the photo. I knew I had it, but I just didn't know where. A copy turned up in some recently obtained papers and photos belonging to my aunt whose son and daughter are in the picture with me.

Susie, Billy, Margie

And then, last summer I found another treasure. Have I mentioned I have trouble throwing anything away.  It is well known that I inherited this trait/gene/fault from my mother. I have been working on cleaning out the old farm house (not the one from the picture), but the one my parents lived in since 1969. Mom had a closet built under the stairway. It is one of those that go on forever and can store a myriad of treasures. Some of those treasures went straight to the burn pile, but others were saved. Now what to do with these saved treasures. Imagine my surprise when I came across these.

Now in a perfect world, you would be looking at a picture of the very hats my cousin and I are wearing in the photo above instead of a piece of clipart.  Yes, I found the hats. Why had she saved hats that were about 60 years old? They are in perfect condition as you would see if I could produce the photo. Oh, well. I have my post addition for next Easter. I know I will find it by then.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday with family and/or friends. And think about Easter Sunday 2017 post when you get to see the photo of the hats. Or maybe I will just share it when I run across it again. Life is short. We don't need to be counting the days until next year.

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  1. Well, you could always auto-schedule that post for 2017!

    Hope you had a happy Easter, Margie. Glad you found that photo...and a lot more!