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Dehart Children (continued)...finally

December 11, 2015 I wrote about the children of George Jackson DeHart (1835-1916) and his first wife, Sarah Frances Skaggs ( 1845-1885). They are my great-great grandparents.  This post can be re-read at The DeHart Children.  The first five children: James Floyd (1861-1920), Fletcher C. (1865-1867), Virginia Alice (1866-1950), Oto C. (1867-1969), and Emma Susan.
Emma Susan, child number 5, is my direct line. She was born in 1869 and died in 1956 at age 87 which incidentally is the age her grandson, Vern (my dad), was at death.  She was featured in the post Emma Susan DeHart Borden published April 19, 2016.

Of George and Sarah's nine children, I have told what I know about the first five and promised to finish the telling of the others.
James Floyd
Virginia Alice
...And from his second marriage
John Cavet
Mary Carolina

FINALLY, I am ready to finish.
I have been studying about George Jackson DeHart, his siblings, his parents (Samuel and Sophia), his Civil War soldier brothers, as well as his grandfather, Abraham, a revolutionary soldier. It has captured me, but I need to finish the summary of his immediate family.

It appears that the family moved west shortly after Emma Susan was born in 1869. The 1870 census states they lived in Township 5, Range 9, Madison, Illinois. The post office is listed as Upper Alton. If you are familiar with the area, you see that they lived near St. Louis on the east side of the Mississippi River.

By December 21, 1871, the family lived in or near Danvers, Illinois. Danvers is not far from Bloomington.  There their next child was born.

# 6. Daniel B Dehart (1871-1877)

# 7. William LeRoy Dehart (1875-1876)

     One thing about all these babies is that we can follow the moves of George and Sarah across the prairie. William was born in Grant City, Iowa.

Emma Susan was about eight when her brother, Daniel, died. Undoubtedly, she also witnessed the birth and death of her brother, William. He was part of her life from when she was 6 to 8. What a sad childhood for this little girl.

Child # 8 George Frank DeHart (1882-1965)
Child # 9 Elizabeth Mae DeHart (1883-1974)

Click on the Elizabeth Mae DeHart link above to read more about her.

Baby Mae was only about 2 when her mother died. Her older sister, Emma Susan, was about 16 so was probably a big help along with Alice, age 19.

George remarried Miss Sarah Caroline Corey in 1888. They had two children, John Cavet (1888- ) and Mary Carolina DeHart (1891-1918).  It was for the health of Mary Carolina that the DeHarts moved to Texas.

There is still a lot to learn about the DeHarts. My aunt Bonnie, granddaughter of Emma Susan, was a very active genealogist specifically interested in her grandmother's history. She took a trip from her home in Oregon to Monroe County, West Virginia in 1988 to discover where Emma Susan DeHart was born.

Next, I will be sharing her journal from that trip



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