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The surname DeHart has always been one of my favorite ancestral names. Who knows why or why we have these types of preferences or maybe I am the only one. I knew a few names from this family before doing much research.  My understanding was that Abraham DeHart started our line in this country and fought in the Revolutionary War. It is through him that many relatives have obtained the proper documentation for membership in Daughters of the American Revolution. It has been suggested that he may have even come to the colonies with Lafayette. Family lore is such fun.
Proving or disproving is not on my current to do list. However, I am curious about the DeHart Lineage. It is generally accepted that Abraham was married to Christina Ensninger. I say generally accepted because after surfing around on the web, I found a site for the DeHart Family.  I find that there might be some debate on this. I will need to continue my research.  However, for now, I wish to share the information I found on a family group sheet written by the great granddaughter of George Jackson DeHart (my 2nd great grandfather. I will italicize the name of George Jackson DeHart in the rest of this writing to clarify that he is my direct ancestor.

     This group sheet starts with the son of Abraham, Samuel DeHart born in 1807 in Monroe County, West Virginia.  He died in 1882 after spending his whole life in the state of West Virginia where he lived close to his father, Abraham DeHart.  Samuel married Sophia Spade in 1829. 

Samuel and Sopia Spade DeHart had 10 children. I have added their statistics to my Legacy Database, but do not intend to detail that information in my Cousins post at this time. I will share their names and birthdates however. Isaac (1830), William Calahill (1833), Catharine (1842),  George Jackson (1835), John L. (1837), Corneluis L. (1838), Michael Alexander (1840), James Robert (1843), Mary S. (1846), and Joseph (not sure of birthdate)

I found a few interesting pieces of information about these individuals. Isaac married Minerva Susan Skaggs, William C. married Elizabeth M. Skaggs, and George Jackson married Sarah Francis Skaggs. I assume these Skaggs girls were sisters, but I have yet to investigate.

All of Samuel and Sophia's children were born in Monroe County, West Virginia.

Isaac, William C. and George Jackson all moved to Iowa at some point in time. George Jackson DeHart went on to Texas eventually.

Isaac, William C., George Jackson, John L., Michael Alexander, and James Robert were all confederate soldiers in the Civil War.

James Robert DeHart and his brother, Michael Alexander DeHart enlisted on the same day, April 17, 1862. John L. DeHart enlisted April 30, 1862. William C. also joined in 1862 although I have not found the exact date.  Great, Great, Great Grandma Sophia must have felt a profound sorrow with at least six of her sons gone to fight for the south.

Investigating war records is not a part of genealogy that I have researched much. I have found that each young DeHart brother took the amnesty oath when the war came to its end. I look forward to finding out more about these Civil War soldiers, the sons of Samuel and Sophia DeHart, my 3rd great grandparents.

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