Friday, April 15, 2016

From Olmsteads to DeHarts

My great grandmother Jennie Emily Olmstead Wright has been my featured ancestor for several posts lately.  There is much more to discover, but I am leaving her for a while to look at my dad's other grandmother's family, Emma Susan DeHart Borden.   As with g'ma Jennie's maiden name of Olmstead being the focus, it is the maiden name of DeHart that I will be looking at next.
Here they are again

I was lucky to have actually met and known these two great-grandmothers of mine.  I did spend more time with Grandma Borden (Emma Susan DeHart Borden (1869-1956). She lived several years longer than Jennie Emily Olmstead Wright (1861-1952).

Emma Susan DeHart was the daughter of George Jackson DeHart from Lake City, Iowa.  She was born in Monroe County, West Virginia  and the daughter of George's first wife, Sarah Skaggs. I have already written about him in George Jackson DeHartGeorge Jackson DeHart (1835-1916) part two,  and The DeHart Children which contains a photo of Emma's parent, George and Sarah DeHart. In an unpublished post titled The DeHart Children (continued), I intended to finish the listing of children but dropped that ball. I will get back to it in time.
       Also I found Emma Susan DeHart Borden's father,GGGrandpa George Jackson DeHart's grave in Dalhart, Texas a few years ago.  I have been exploring the papers loaned to me by my aunt's daughter and have shared the obituary of George's brother, William Calahill DeHart.  I am aware of two family genealogist besides my aunt who have researched the DeHart family and left some interesting papers from which I continue to learn about and become acquainted with this family.

However, before I get too far into the DeHart ancestors and fill you in on our DeHart grandfathers back to the Revolutionary War, I will devote my next post to Emma Susan DeHart Borden, my great-grandmother.


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