Friday, April 22, 2016

Photo Fun

You may have wondered about the picture of Emma Borden and Mae Corey in the last couple of posts. It was probably easy to figure out they were cropped. What did that picture look like? Here it is.

The back of the photo says "taken in Calif. 1945-46 winter"
Grandma Borden, LaVonne, Aunt Mae Corey
LaVonne is actually my Aunt Bonnie's given name.  I am surprised to know Grandma Borden and Aunt Mae traveled to California. I did know my Aunt Bonnie had lived there at one time. I wonder if they were just traveling because Bonnie was not married until 1948.
Several years later in the 50's
It looks like Sunday dinner at Great Grandma Borden's house.
 Billy, Margie, Susie, Grandma B., Mary, Vern, Bill
Aunt Bonnie must have taken the picture.

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