Monday, June 13, 2016

Tour interruption

Today, I want to take a short break from the ongoing tour of the Grisso Mansion in Seminole, Oklahoma to wish my grandmother, Nina Lorene Smith Grisso, a happy 115 birthday.  Last year I wrote about her on her birthday.  See that post here... Happy Birthday Lorene Smith Grisso (1901-1984) I am also going to place another writing about her in the featured post section of this blog.

As I have been writing about this Oklahoma Oil Millionaire ( Doc Grisso), I have wondered if Grandpa Bert and Grandma Nina knew him or at least of him.  I assumed so since Bert and "Doc" were from the same county in Arkansas. There were four generations of  Grissos everywhere in Fulton, County, Arkansas.

One of my favorite treasures is a letter from Grandma Nina to her mother, Estella Smith.  The reason I like it so much is that it is signed "Mrs. Bert Grisso".  How excited she must have been to be married to Bert. The letter is postmarked from Baggs, Oklahoma.  I had been told that Bert and Nina went there on their honeymoon. I have started to wonder if they went there looking for work in a distant relatives oil fields.  However, when reading more about "Doc" Grisso, it appears that he may have been just about bankrupt when Bert and Nina made that trip.

While looking for one specific letter, I stopped to read a couple more I found.  This is the card Grandma Nina wrote to her parents on her wedding night.
                                         Des Moines, Ia
                                     Jan. 31, 1920

Dear Folks,
     We left Jefferson at 5:50 on the Milwaukee road and arrived here[Des Moines] about (9:00 p.m.  We will stay here till 7:30 a.m. tomorrow, and arrive in Kansas City about 3:00 o'clock and leave for West Plains about 5:00.
     We will make better connections by staying here tonight.

We didn't get a bit cold coming to Jefferson. Are alittle tired and sleep now tho!  We are staying at the Hotel Ivern tonight it is near the depot. and is a swell place.  I had my first ride on a elevator this evening. Ha.  Will write when we get to Moody.
 With love,
 Nina L. Grisso

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