Sunday, June 19, 2016

William Edward "Doc" Grisso

I hope my readers are not tired of reading about "Doc" Grisso.  I have covered our trip to see the mansion in Seminole, Oklahoma in the following posts. Click on any blue title to catch-up or re-read.

Seminole, Oklahoma
Grisso Mansion
The tour goes on...
A Few More Pictures of the Grisso Mansion

The next few posts will be about Mr. Grisso himself.  This information is taken from The Grisso Family book. It was written in 1970 by Susan Garland, a granddaughter of W.E. Grisso, while a student at East Central State College.


She discusses the heritage of pioneers who impacted Oklahoma.

State Senator Allen G. Nichols says, "Doc was the best all-around citizen I have ever known.  He was a great individual and a very special friend."

Doc was interested in and a promoter of good roads, effective land conservation, cattle ranching, the improvement of pecan trees, the field of medicine, the oil business, the field of education, local and state government.

He was born in Vidette, Arkansas, on January 8, 1874. His father, Jacob, died when he was nine.

Even though the family was a poor farming family, three of five children became teachers, including Doc.

to be continued.......



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