Monday, September 26, 2016

1970 - Mondays With Mary

     Forty-six years ago on September 19, 1970, our first child turned one. Here is the entry in Mary's journal for that day.

Saturday, September 19

foggy this morning left
for Vermillion at 4:15 a.m.
home at 7:15 p.m.
beautiful day

Yes, indeed, my husband and I remember that day well. After a week of teaching for me and a week of work and college classes for him, we had looked forward to a little Saturday morning sleep in. Well, until the baby woke up at least. However, no one had yet awoken when these excited grandparents knocked on our door at some ridiculous time in the morning.

As I look through the calendar notes during the week before, I see that they were quite busy as well.

Sunday, September 13

damp & rainy all day-helped
Gene with waterer-over there for
dinner-went to Etta's got dehorning
chute-went to Carl & Thelma's
after supper for combine slats

Monday, September 14

raining all day to-day
Jeff in morning for gas tickets
Teeters fixed chain saw-canned
tomato juice in afternoon.
got hog feed today  Paups up in the p.m.
2 1/10 rain

Tuesday, September 15

cleared off- Vern worked on
picker - put cows back in big pasture.
I went to Carroll for club.  Paups here
in afternoon & evening- went fishing got 3

Wednesday, September 16

2 more fish on T lines - I cleaned
 dining room- kept Dave & Mitch
Vern worked on hog house-cloudy & damp
all day- Genes here for supper
drizzling at nite- 3/10 rain

Thursday, September 17

cloudy this morning
cleared -sun shining by evening
sewed on dining room drapes
& Kelley pajamas - Vern roofed hog house
Dave down in afternoon- over to Genes in evening.

Friday, September 18

foggy this morning
put waterpump on car
I went to Whittaker sale in p.m.
sewed and finished drapes- nice

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