Saturday, November 26, 2016

50th Wedding Anniversary

I am sure many readers of Cousins have family and ancestors who were married 50 or more years.  Have you ever noticed how old they are. In my husband's family, I found three sets of grandparents who were married for 50 or more years.  First is Hallie and Ina Augustus who were married over 50 years. Hallie and Ina are my husband's maternal grandparents.  Ina's parents, his great-grandparents, Edward and Minerva Reeder celebrated 69 years of marriage. Edward's parents, John M. Reeder and Elizabeth Neely who were married in 1858 reached 51 years before great-great grandma Elizabeth Neely Reeder died in 1909.

On my side, there were my parents who were married 50 years in 1991 and were 2 weeks short of 62 years when my mother died. My maternal grandparents, Bert and Nina Grisso,  celebrated 50 years in 1969.  My paternal great-grandparents, Charlie and Jennie Wright not only reached 50 years but made it to 69 years just like Edward and Minerva Reeder on my husband's side.  Great -grandma Jennie Wright's parents, Nathan and Anna Olmsted were also married 50 or more years.  Research will probably find more.

Well, guess who is joining all those old couples.  My husband and I will be married 50 years on November 26, 2016. We might be old, but we have had a good time getting here.

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