Tuesday, November 22, 2016

America's First Coast to Coast Highway

Growing up, I always knew the answer to the question of America's first coast to coast highway. America's first coast to coast highway was also known as The Lincoln Highway. And The Lincoln Highway ( Also known as U.S. 30) went right through my hometown. I have mentioned that it passed between The West End Cafe and The Skelly Station. At one time it went directly down Main Street. At sometime, it was diverted away from Main Street and routed around the southwest corner of the town. In my family, this was significant because my great- grandmother's farm was affected. She lost a small corner of her farm to this highway project.  In the 40's and 50's when my dad was farming the land, he had the opportunity to watch the coast to coast traffic going past the corn rows he was working.  He was convinced from his daily observations that the worst drivers in the country were from Illinois and California. I have no idea what his criteria were, but he felt very strongly about it.

Sometime in the 50's, U.S. 30 was rerouted to the north side of town. There was an effort to move the highway to avoid having so much traffic pass through the main part of town. The old highway was left intact and soon we had two ways to the county seat, the next town to the east. These highways are still called Old 30 and New 30.

Another connection I had to this famous road is that the farm I lived on while in high school was located on Old 30.

This highway has an interesting history and on its 100th anniversary, The Lincoln Highway Association brought its history and significance to the attention of the country.

Many  websites, blogs and other informational pages from the Internet provide information about The Lincoln Highway. I hope you take some time to read more about it.


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