Thursday, November 3, 2016

Blog Interruption

My genealogy research and organization is sort of on hold. Surgery, travel and readjustment to our winter home have played a role.  My blog has suffered too.

I've been reading other blogs and am "almost" inspired, but then I fade back into my lack of enthusiasm.  However, thanks to one special cousin, I am going to attempt to get back to it.
I promised more Mondays With Mary in a recent post. I need to keep that promise.

With the election approaching, I thought I would share a memory from the election of 1980.  I actually found the letter I am going to tell about while sorting papers this summer. I thought I scanned it to include in a future blog. The future blog is here but who knows where I stored the letter on my computer. So, here is the story without the evidence.

In 1980 when Ronald Reagan won the election, I was teaching 5th grade language arts.  Somehow, I came up with the idea of the kids writing letters to Ronald Reagan with their advice for his presidency. Amazingly, he (undoubtedly his staff) wrote back to my students. The letterhead said Office of the President-Elect, Ronald Reagan.  The kids and I were all thrilled. Evidently, my principal was thrilled as well. One day he came to my room and asked to see the letter. He took the letter, made a copy for me and kept the original for himself. Hmmmm. It wasn't until years later and with a little more maturity that I realized this wasn't really right on his part.  Oh, well. I have the memory. I have the copy. Now if I can just find it.

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