Friday, December 16, 2016

December 16, 1941

On December 16, 1941 my parents were married in the Scranton, Iowa Methodist parsonage.  My grandmother, Nina Grisso, was their witness and only guest as I understand.

The only other story I know about this wedding was that Mom had purchased her wedding blouse in Cedar Rapids and was riding home on December 7 with her Aunt Ardea and Uncle Steve when they learned of the bombing in Pearl Harbor.

The year I was married, we celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a surprise party in their home near Bagley, Iowa.

We celebrated their 40th in Scranton at a hall, but the day is mostly remembered for its bad weather.

Their 50th was a big celebration on the farm. Their 60th was a part of a birthday celebration (Dad 80) and a family reunion for both the Grissos and the Wrights. Again, we were at the farm.

Now they are both gone along with other much loved family members. Maybe the departed are all together celebrating Mom and Dad's 75th wedding anniversary today.

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