Thursday, December 29, 2016

Focusing on Estella Vorhies Smith, Eugene Vorhies, LeRoy Vorhies

 Review of my great-grandmother and her siblings

Estella Mae Vorhies Smith ( 1876-1959)
Eugene Vorhies (1877-1964)
LeRoy Vorhies (1879-1944)

These three ancestors were the children of John McLaughlin Vorhies ( 1850-1939) and Ginevra Withrow Vorhies (1855-1922), my great-great grandparents. I never knew my great-great grandparents but they lived where I grew up. They established the family in Greene County, Iowa along with Ginevra's parents, Joseph and Sarah Withrow. All of the above mentioned family members are buried in the Scranton Township Cemetery. Growing up, I used to visit the cemetery with my mother who told me about their lives. I have always felt a closeness to them.  This might be why I have chosen them as one of my first genealogy review blogs.

I did know two of the three Vorhies siblings.  Estella was my great-grandmother with whom I spent a great part of my childhood.
The post January 1, 1900 tells of her marriage to Hiram Smith. This was reviewed last post.

I also knew her brother, Uncle Gene. He was actually my grandmother's uncle but we just called him Uncle Gene. I wrote a blog about Uncle Gene titled Eugene Vorhies (1877-1964).  It is highlighted at the beginning of this writing. I hope you will review it along with Estella's wedding post.

The third son, LeRoy, died just the year before I was born. Stories made him seem like quite a character but one thought of highly in the family.  It was the summer of 2015 when I wrote about Uncle Gene. I also wrote about Uncle Roy, but left it in draft form and never published it. Why? I have no idea now. It may be that I wanted to research something else or I wished to include some yet unfound photos. Well, the time has come.  My next post will be from the draft I wrote of Uncle Roy.

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