Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Learnings

Don't you just love it when you learn something new? 

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the West Valley Genealogical Society annual seminar.  This was my third year and the best by far.  The others were good, but the speaker that day was Geoff Rasmussen, creator of Legacy Genealogy Software. He spoke on Google Tools, Tech Tips, Technology and Techniques for Differentiating Two people, and DNA.  His humor and ability to relate to the audience was very enjoyable as well as informative.

Besides all the new learnings that day, I accidently met the author of one of the genealogy blogs I follow.  Empty Branches on the Family Tree.  It felt like I was meeting a rock star.  She had travelled a far distance to attend.

My most exciting new learning was that the Y-DNA test might actually lead to some information in my husband's family.  My husband and I have both had the autosomal test done. This was before I knew much about DNA testing. I still don't know a great deal but do know about the different tests as well as the different companies.  The Y test is just for males and traces back through the male line. I figured this was a dead end for us because my husband's grandfather came to the US in 1892. DNA from ancestors on back would be unattainable. Then, I was given a thought. If any of Grandpa Frank's cousins or distant relatives came to another part of the country, we might find a connection through the Y-DNA. I am aware of the same last name in other parts of the country.  So, I bought the kit and considered it to be my birthday gift. All my husband had to do was swab his cheek. Even if nothing comes of it, it is worth a try. And he doesn't have to get me a birthday present.

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