Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Rex

February 1947

    For the first time in the six winters that it has been under the present management, the Rex Theatre remained closed for several days during the past week because of unfavorable weather conditions.  Manager George White says that, while he regrets the closing and hopes that it many never happen again, he has found that it is not practical to attempt to operate a theatre in Scranton for any length of time with the patronage that comes from the neighboring rural trade areas.  And since most of this territory has been snow bound almost continuously for two weeks or more, there seemed nothing else to do but to take a temporary vacation.

     The above was taken from a recent edition of the Scranton Journal newspaper in a section titled A Glance Into the Past.
      The Rex Theatre was the movie house in my hometown when I was a kid. Many cousins, relatives and friends are not even aware that The Rex Theatre was once a thriving business in our little hometown. Well, unless it snowed, I guess.
       I loved going to the Rex. I saw movies like The Three Stooges, Ma and Pa Kettle, Calamity Jane, Mr. Ed, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans to just name a few.
       I don't know when it closed but my mother took me to see Peyton Place which was quite a scandalous movie. I was about 12, I think.  I don't know when the Rex closed, but it was before I was in high school.
        By following my mom's calendar/ journal I can often trace the winter weather conditions over the years. It was fun reading in the newspaper about how winter affected the Rex in 1947.


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