Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pall bearers

     In my opinion, the selection of pall bearers for a funeral is an interesting insight of a person's life. The pall bearers for my great grandmother, Estella Smith, were her grandsons and grandsons-in-law. For Grandma's descendants, it might be helpful to introduce those family members.

    Three of her four grandsons were given this honor. Bill Grisso, John Grisso, and Donald Grisso were the sons of Estella's oldest daughter, Nina Smith Grisso. The fourth grandson, Marvin, was a career Navy man. I would guess he was probably far away at the time.

    Nina's daughter, Mary, was married to Vern Wright, who served as another pall bearer. Nina gave the most grandchildren to Estella, but she had two other special granddaughters. 

    Jean Stevens Johnson was the daughter of Ardea Smith Stevens, fourth child of Estella. Jean's husband, Beryl Johnson also served as pall bearer.

    Jess Phelps is probably the mystery grandson-in-law for some of my cousins.  Jess was married to Marilyn Smith Phelps. Her father was Merroll Smith, Estella's second child. Merroll preceded his mother, Estella, in death by approximately 10 years.

     I wish I could insert a picture of Jess Phelps here, but I don't have one in my winter home. Instead, I will use another family picture that features his future wife, Marilyn, Grandma Estella Smith, and Estella's two sons, Dale and Merroll. Merroll is the father of Marilyn.  Dale served many years in the Navy.

                           Dale, Marilyn, Estella, Merroll

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