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Mondays With Mary - June 1, 1970

The 1970 calendar is lying here as a possibility for a Mondays With Mary post on Cousins.  Since June 1 is a special day in our family, I quickly checked to see if she had written anything about her only grandson. Oops. I forgot. He wasn't born until the next year. Obviously, no mention of him.

Monday, June 1, 1970

 Cloudy and damp all day in the 50ties and 60ties - Wayne B. (B meaning Black) here in the morning - got 89 chickens today. 2 litters of pigs 10 & 9.

Tuesday, June 2, 1970

1 litter of 9 pigs in s side barn
went to town & got generator on 460 fixed  - 
I went to town with Dad (meaning Bert Grisso) to Carroll
in afternoon.  Vern started plowing corn again w of house.

Wednesday, June 3, 1970

windy & cool - sunny in the 60ties to-day
went to Wed (Wednesday) Club picnic at Laudenbeck park
mowed yard
Vern plowed corn all day-  sow had 9 pigs 
went fishing-  got one fish

 Thursday, June 4, 1970

 cool again to-day but nice
Vern finished plowing corn 2nd time
hoed beans in afternoon
I finished painting the kitchen

Friday, June 5, 1970

up in high 80ties to-day
went to Neva's and picked strawberries in morning
2 litters of pigs  8 & 9
got load of hay from Jack Miller
Cheryl & boys & I went to Jeff in afternoon
Gene's here for supper

Saturday, June 6, 1970

hot again today - Gene and Vern
got the rest of the hay 221 bales
I cleaned house in the morning
clipped teeth on 4 litters of pigs
1 bull calf from No. 6
Gene's down for supper - fried chicken

 Sunday, June 7, 1970

 hot & dry again to-day  high 80ties
1 litter pigs of 10 this morning
Vern cultivating beans.

Reading about clipping baby pigs teeth, reminds me of a family story.

We lived on the sixty so I was just a little girl. We were in the kitchen and Mom was trying to find out what was in Dad's eye.
She looked and looked. She used a flashlight, but there was nothing. Dad was fussing to say the least. He could not believe she couldn't see what the problem was. He shouted that it was the size of a boulder so why couldn't she see it. If you ever knew my dad, you can imagine that there were also a few choice words.

I guess they must have gone to the Dr. because it was discovered that a piece of baby pig's tooth was in his eye. Because the piece was white on the white of his eye, Mom couldn't see it.

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