Monday, March 9, 2015

1875/ and the question of Ginevra

     The year 1875 brought several significant changes to the Withrow family. On March 29 they lost their first child, Mary Kate, to consumption.  She was just 21. Consumption was the archaic name given to tuberculosis. It was given this name due to the consuming nature of the disease.  I have not located Mary Kate's grave although it is on my "to do" list.  It would be somewhere in Jasper County, Iowa.
     Ginevra (age 20) was married to Mr. John Mac Vorhies.
     And the family, contemplated a big move to Greene County.

     Before I get much further into this family's story, I need to clarify a name. Or rather, explain that I have yet to prove the spelling of Genevra/Ginevra.  Almost all documents show Genevra which is what I always thought was the correct spelling.  While working on the Greene County Heritage book several years ago, I decided to check her tombstone. It read "Ginevra".  I will stick with that spelling. Could the monument maker have made a mistake?

     Yes, I know it is sideways. Turn your head.


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