Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Great Resource

     As a kid, I thought our small-town newspaper was so boring.  The "news" might be that so and so enjoyed Sunday dinner with such and such.  Any gathering, excursion even to the next town, out of state visitors and so on might find its way to the newspaper.  How happy I am now that I am piecing together ancestor and other relatives stories to have this newspaper resource.  Suddenly, I am glad I am from a small town instead of one of those big fancy cities where our family might have been anonymous.

     A few years ago, a project was undertaken to have the newspapers of the county seat, Jefferson, Iowa digitized.  What a treasure trove.  Anyone can access these records by going on line to www.jefferson.lib.ia.us.  Scroll to the bottom of the first page, look under Library Links to find  Free access to Jefferson Newspapers Online 1866-2013  or go to  http://jefferson.advantage-preservation.com. Type a name in the search box and have fun discovering what our family members and ancestors were up to many years ago.


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