Friday, March 13, 2015

A Little More about Aurilla (Rilley)

     I do not know if the child Aurilla left behind lived to adulthood or not.  I do know that Mat remarried and had a child.  One or the other of his babies died but I don't know which. ( Research needed)  He and his second wife are buried next to Aurilla's grave in the Scranton Cemetery.

     In the summer of 2009, I discovered Aurilla's gravesite just a few steps away from her parents and three of her siblings.  Aurilla was the first family internment in the Scranton Cemetery.  Her stone is old and hard to read.  I had always known the location of the Withrow graves but never knew Aurilla was so close.  I wonder if my mom even knew it was there.  She never mentioned it on any of our many cemetery excursions.

     The same year I found a number of old pictures, keepsakes, and bits of paper in my mother's buffet.  I also found a complete newpaper wrapped in a very heavy plastic.  It was some time before I fiqured why that old newspaper had been saved.  It was the newspaper that held Aurilla's obituary.  This newspaper has passed through the hands of six generations.

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