Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dear Cousins and my other followers ( I know of at least one :-)

      Well, I hope you have begun to realize that these ancestors are more than birth and death dates. They had full lives just like you and me.  If you could spend some time with one of them, who would you choose?  What would you ask them?

     I would ask Joseph Withrow if he owned land in Jasper County before coming to Greene County. I would ask him to tell me more of his family from Ohio. I know his father was Samuel and a little more. I know where Sanuel's grave is in Ohio, and hope I can visit there someday. 

     I would ask Sarah Jane about her Swartzel family. For a while, I was on the wrong track but now due to another found paper written about her sister's death, I think I have the correct information.  I would also tell her that my great aunt Neva wanted my mom to name me Sarah Jane when I was born. Neva was a little annoyed with mom because she did not abide by her aunt's wishes. As I have gotten to know Sarah Jane in my research, learned a little of her story, and feel I have connected with her, I would have been honored to share her name. 

     I would ask Mary Kate where her grave is.

     I would ask Ginevra just which spelling of her name is correct.
     I would ask Anna Josephine to tell me about her seven children and their descendants.  Did she and her sister, Ginevra, spend much time together after they started and raised their own families?

     I would ask Aurilla how she got her nickname Rilley and what happened to her baby. Did she grow up and is her name Nellie Frederick?

     I would ask Viola Emma if she knew she had a great niece named Viola.  The son, Eugene, of Viola Emma's sister, Ginevra, named his baby Viola.  Here is a clarification for all the visual readers:
Ginevra     sister to Viola Emma
   Eugene   son of Ginevra
      Viola   daughter of Eugene

     Viola, the great niece of Viola Emma, was also a family historian.  Many of my documents, information, and knowledge of the Vorhies family came from Viola.  As I have said before, who knows what relative with pick up the genealogy pieces and move the information forward. Viola was a first cousin of my grandmother, Nina, which makes her my first cousin twice removed. I am two more generations removed from our common ancestor, Ginevra.

      I would ask Sarah Jane if she liked her nickname Sadie. 

      I would ask Joseph Jr. if he worked the farm with his father and uncle, J.M. Vorhies. Did he have a girl friend?  What did he do when he was younger?

     So many questions. So little time.



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  1. I liked this idea - I've only been blogging since Jan 2014, so I am quite new, too. I'm enjoying your stories.