Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fourth child-Aurilla Rosella Withrow Frederick

     At age 20, in 1879, Aurilla Rosella married Mat Frederick.  I obtained a copy of their application for a marriage license dated December 6, 1879.  I found this an enlightening document which had been filled out by John Mac Vorhies, as a witness swearing he knew them, their ages, and knew of no reason they should not marry.  In the application, he referred to her as Rilley. This must have been her nickname.  
     Sadly, this was a short lived marriage.  Just as the first child of Sarah and Joseph had died of consumption, so did their Rilley.

     She died in Willow Township, Greene County, Iowa on Saturday, August 14th, 1886.  Mrs. Aurilla Frederick, aged 27 years, 8 months and 12 days "leaves a kind and loving husband and a little girl to mourn their loss, besides father, mother, four sisters, a little brother and many other relatives and friends.  She had been a great sufferer for a long time with that dread disease, consumption.  She bore it all with patience." This is quoted from her obituary. Particularly touching I found this line in the document, "The remains were gently carried to the Scranton cemetery where they were laid to rest."  The italics are mine. The word gently touched my heart.
     I want to research this little girl that Aurilla left behind. Aurilla's obituary ends with reference to this child. Again the italics are mine. " The mourners have the deep sympathy of all the entire community, and may the orphan's God protect the little one from the evils of this life."

     I specifically remember my Great Grandma Estella Smith telling me about family deaths due to consumption.  At the time, I was a very little girl listening to a very old great-grandmother talk about people from her past.  Fifty plus years later, I am researching these same family members.  Of course, I should have listened better.  I remember being more taken by the word  "consumption" than feeling any connection to these ancient people. I feel very sad for the losses Sarah Jane and Joseph endured especially as I write this story knowing there are more deaths to come to their young children.

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