Monday, March 30, 2015

In Loving Memory

     Just before midnight, on March 29, 2015, we lost another special family member, Aunt Midge.  If you read my blog dedication  to my Uncle John Grisso, you read about the widow he left behind in January. As so often happens, her will to join him far out weighed her will to remain here with us.
     Margaret Ray was born October 7, 1927. In May of 1953 she married my mother's brother, John Grisso.  I was eight.  John lived with us, and I was not happy about losing him.  In fact, I was so unsure of this new phase of his life that I vividly remember asking before leaving for the church if he was SURE she was nice.  He assured me she was and now almost 62 years later, I can share that she was one of the nicest aunts I could ever have.
     We will all miss her, but we are comforted knowing she and John are together again.


  1. Such a loving tribute, Margie. You will always amaze me with your many talents: this in particular a legacy for your family! Joyce