Sunday, March 22, 2015

January 1, 1900

     At the turn of the century, Ginevra and John Mac Vorhies were about to see the first of their three children marry.  Estella, my great grandmother, was married on January 1, 1900 to Mr. Hiram Smith.

     When my husband and I lived in Springfield, Illinois, we had a friend who was a judge. He preferred not to marry young couples that wanted to marry on January 1, 2000 thinking it was too faddish.  Personally, I thought it was cool that my great grandparents were married on the first day of the 20th century.

     I wonder who witnessed this marriage. Were Estella's grandparents, Sarah Jane and Joseph Withrow in attendance? My guess is that they were since they lived so close.

     The following is the newspaper article about the marriage:

      "Mr. Hiram Smith and Miss Estella Vorhies were married at the residence of the bride's parents Monday evening at 7 p.m., Rev. Snodgrass  pronouncing the ceremony.  This union is in every way a strong and happy one.  Mr. Smith is one of Scranton's exemplary young men.  His character is irreproachable, his industry indefatigueable and his manner that of a gentleman.  His wife has been one of the community's most highly esteemed girls.  In her youth she has borne well her part in society and church work, and she is especially well qualified for the responsibilities of womanhood.  Her parents rank amount Greene county's best and most substantial citizens, and it goes without our saying that Mr. Smith has drawn a splendid prize from the matrimonial lottery.  From such an auspicious beginning it is not enthusiasm to predict a happy and successful married life for these new sailors upon the matrimonial voyage.  May their bark sail in pacific waters for many years, and anchor, when anchor it must, in the harbor of comfort, safety and blessedness is the wish of their many friends amount whom The Journal wishes to be permitted a humble place."

      Wedding write ups were somewhat different a hundred plus years ago. I think you would agree.


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