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Sarah 1902-1904

     As I said at the beginning of this series of posts, I want to tell the story of my 3rd great grandmother Sarah Jane Swartzell Withrow. She lived long enough to hold her great great granddaughter for a five generation photo. (See photo in Photo Album section) She out lived her husband by 20 years and 6 of her 7 children as I mentioned before.

     January 29, 1902, Joseph A. Withrow Sr. died at the age of 71. His only son followed two years later.


    "Died at his home near Scranton, January 29, at 3:15 a.m. Joseph A. Withrow Sr.  he was born in 1831 in Butler county, Ohio.  Married to Sarah Swartzell, of Montgomery county, Ohio, Jan. 11th, 1853.  To this union was born seven children, six girls, and one boy.  Four of the girls died before the death of their father.  The boy, two sisters, and the wife and mother remain to mourn his departure." The obituary continues but the microfilm was bent so I can only guess at the middle section. It tells the number of grandchildren and great grandchildren ( one of whom was my grandmother, Nina). The obituary continues, " Mr. Withrow and his family moved to Iowa in 1866.  He died believing in Christ.  The last expressions of his faith were: ' he may...   in the evening or at midnight, or...cock crowing'. His last words were, ' I am going home to mother.'
    " Mr. Withrow was an old settler in this vicinity.  He had a large circle of friends.  His funeral was conducted at his late home by Rev. R.M Bailey, after which his remains were laid to rest in the Scranton cemetery."

     I found it interesting that the title of this obituary was "Obituary".  Most obituaries I have found have a title of some description.  For example, the title of Grandma Ginevra Withrow Vorhies is "Mrs. J.M. Vorhies Passes to Reward" and that of Grandpa Hiram Smith is "Passing of Good Citizen".                   

    In my mom's scraps of old papers, I found a note written by Joseph A. Withrow Jr.  It is on a small piece of paper and reads like this. (all spelling is his)
                               Joseph A. Withrow Sr.
Was born in Jan. 28th
Married in Jan.   11th
Died in Jan.        29th
Burried in Jan.    31st
Was my father
                                Joseph A Withrow Jr.

I feel the sadness in this note.

                          And then two years pass......

                                                 A Young Man Dies

    " Mr. Joseph Withrow a young man 29 years of age died at his home three miles southwest of Scranton on Friday morning May 6, 1904, after a protracted illness with that most dreaded disease consumption.  His funeral was held from his late home on Sunday, May 8, conducted by Rev. C.J. Stark, after which his remains were laid to rest in the Scranton cemetery.  He leaves to mourn an aged mother and two sisters. His father and four sisters having gone on before.  He leaves boast of friends who will miss him."

     I realize that last sentence is strange, but it is how the obit reads.





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