Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Family Grows and Grows

     My side of the family tree and that of my first and second cousins, is through the daughter of Sarah Jane and Joseph Withrow.
Their daughter, Ginevra, was their second born, first married, and last to pass away.  Ginevra was born in Butler county, Ohio, on March 5, 1855.  She moved with her parents to Iowa in 1866.  (I learned this date from her father's obituary. Before I just knew it was between 1860 and 1868 based on census reports and the birth of her sister,  Viola Emma.)  Clues, Clues, Clues. See why this genealogy "stuff" is such fun, but I digress.
     Ginevra married John Mac Vorhies May 27, 1875 in the Jasper county area. They moved with Ginevra's parents and siblings to Greene County in 1876.  They had three children as I have mentioned before. Estella Mae born March 21, 1876; Eugene on October 8, 1877, and Leroy on October 2, 1879.   In time I might tell some of what I know about these offshoot branches but for now I am working on direct line descendants and ancestors.
       I want to share a family portrait that I think is priceless. The copy is not the greatest on this blog. Also, I made the photo large enough to get some idea of faces so the photo extend over the edge of the writing field. Just another one of those technology tricks I have yet to learn. Although, I admit I have seen this on many other blogs.

 So, who are these people and why do we care? 
       Our existence is a result of them. Let's honor them with just a little of our time and attention.

     Seated in the center of the portrait is Sarah Jane Swartzel Withrow, who started this family along with her husband, of course. She is about 79 here.  Seated to her left is a large woman in a white blouse with a black neck bow. This is Grandma Ginevra, her daughter. Her approximate age is 58. Her husband, John Mac is behind her to one side and their oldest child, Estella, is on John Mac's right.  I guess their ages to be about 63 and 37 respectively. To Estella's right is her husband, Hiram Smith approximately 46 years old, and their four children who are circled around Grandma Sarah Jane Withrow.  The oldest is Nina about age 11, then Merroll about age, 10.  The little one to Sarah Jane's left is Neva about age 3 and to her right little Ardea about 2.
      The families of Eugene are seated to the right of Grandma Withrow  and Leroy's family is to the left. I know the identity of all in the photo except for the older couple next to Eugene.  (If anyone would like me to expand on these family, I will be glad to share what I know. Let me know.)
      I do not know the exact date of this photo but Viola, baby of Carrie and Eugene, was born in 1912. I am guessing ages based on this.
     My first cousins and I branch from Nina. My second cousins branch from Ardea and Merroll. Great Aunt Neva never had children. After this family photo was taken three more children were born to Estella and Hiram. I do not believe there are any descendants from these children.


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