Saturday, April 18, 2015

Looking Back

Grandpa Hiram Smith died in 1929 as has been discussed in the past three writings.  Grandma Stella lived another 30 years as a widow. They were married at the beginning of the century and had a loving marriage as indicated by her need to stay with him while he was hospitalized.  They had seven children burying one born on their 13th anniversary only a few days after her birth.

June 13, 1901 was the birthdate of the first born child.  She was named Nina Lorene (and became my grandmother).

Merroll M. was born November 24, 1902. It seems obvious that he was named for his paternal grandfather, George Merroll Smith. I have not pursued the M. of his middle name, but I imagine I will find it to be McLaughlin, the middle name of his maternal grandfather. I will get back to you on that one.

 The Young Smith Family
Merroll, Hiram, Stella, and Nina

Genevra Mary "Neva" was their third child born on February 18, 1909.  She was followed by Ardea Agnes Oct 21, 1910.  It seems obvious that great-aunt Neva was named for her maternal grandmother, Ginevra Withrow Vorhies. (Again, some problems with the Ginevra/Genevra spelling conflict). I think Aunt Neva probably was also named for her paternal grandmother as was Aunt Ardea.  Their paternal grandmother's name was Mary Agnes.

 This family portrait has been shown before but I just want to emphasize the addition of the two little girls in the center front. Ardea is on the left and Neva to the right.  Merroll and Nina are standing behind their great-grandmother, Sarah Jane. Hiram and Stella are behind and to each side of Nina.

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