Thursday, April 9, 2015

Random thoughts

 If  you read my first post Getting Started  or About Me  under the tab at the top of this blog,  you know that I promised some random thoughts. The phrase "Random Thoughts and Other Related Pieces of Useless Information" came to me in a freshman class in college. The class was a general science class covering a little astronomy, a little chemistry and very little physics. The instructor used this phrase as well as  "Useless Facts and Other Related Information" whenever he went off topic just a little. This was my favorite part of the class. My notes rarely reflected information on astronomy, chemistry or physics, but I never failed to record his useless facts and other related information.

When using this phrase I am simply highlighting something other than my family story. The facts are not useless and really not all that random. Well, you can be the judge.

I have now been a "blogger" for slightly over one month. I also think I might be addicted. I have badgered my cousins, kids, assorted relatives and friends into reading my ramblings.  However, I am now listed on GeneaBloggers and was a featured new blog in the week of March 28.  Pretty cool.  (The symbol of a hand holding a pen will take you there directly. Just click on it.)

The author of mentioned my post about asking questions of your ancestors. The author of  highlighted my post Twice Glad. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The author of A Family Tapestry says many things that I would like to tell my cousins, kids, assorted relatives and friends. It answers the question: Why Do You Do This?  She also says, "I write because I can't keep for myself the gifts others have entrusted to me". One of her posts is entitled Remembering is Honoring. These words just seem to speak to me.

 She explains in another entry how a tapestry is two threads, woven vertically, like two people joined as husband and wife. "Each pairing produces an effect on the next generation."  She goes into far more detail. It is a very nice read and even though it is used as an analogy, it makes me think about the handiwork of my own family.

Sewing, quilting, embroidery, needlepoint, tatting, crocheting, knitting and probably more are very much a part of my own families' history.  You can see why I might be drawn to the writings titled  A Family Tapestry.

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