Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy 114 Birthday to Nina Smith Grisso

Baby pictures don't show much except the love of the little one's parents. Nina Lorene was the first child of Hiram and Estella Smith. Born on June 13, 1901.

I love these pictures of Nina as a young girl.
  She looks very pretty here.  These two photos were obviously taken at the same time.

This is another favorite picture of my grandmother

Recently found, this picture says so much. First, it is from 1941. Pictured are Estella Smith, Nina Smith Grisso, Bert Grisso, and Laura Grisso. The grandmas on the ends are the mothers of Nina and Bert. Look very closely at this picture. It first struck me when I saw the loving look Nina has for Bert. Look again and notice the expressions on Estella, Bert, and Laura's faces. They are almost smiling. I am not sure I have ever seen many pictures of any of them smiling. I wonder if Bert made some remark that caused Nina to look at him and the mothers to smile.  Pictures really do tell us many things.
Bill, John, Donald, Marvin
Mary, Bert, Nina, Thelma (Pat)

This picture is from Bert and Nina's 50th wedding anniversary celebration in 1970.

Nina Lorene Smith Grisso


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