Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Aunt Fanny's Research

Fanny Marsh Grummons would be surprised that this descendent-in-law (did I just invent a word?) would be fascinated with her research. Fanny was the younger sister of my husband's great grandmother, Minerva Jane Marsh Reeder. I am sharing her research here in hopes that some distant cousin might connect.

Aunt Fanny (1873-1956) was doing her research in and probably before 1941. Several of her papers have that date on them. Even though I do not have any source citations of her research, I believe it to be accurate. Why? Aunt Fanny didn't have the advantage/disadvantage of the internet. She wasn't exposed to all the inaccuracies floating around in cyberspace.  For now, I will use her information for the Reeder/Marsh/Phillips/Ayers family tree.

Sometime in the future, when I have the opportunity to put a little more meat on the bones of these birth and death dates, I will look for more verification.  The first place I will start will be in a clue she left. Preston land records B. VII, page 26 details a land transaction of Ayer Phillips (1726) to his brother, Jonathan, of one-half the land which came from their grandfather Ayer.  Their mother's name was Esther Ayer, daughter of John Ayer,  of Stonington, Connecticut.  This is going to be a fun research project.

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