Wednesday, July 22, 2015

December 7, 1941

Yes, everyone knows this date as the day that will live in infamy; the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. Yet, on my paternal side of the family, it marks the birthday of the eighth child born to my grandparents, Nina and Albert Wright. The baby was named Nina Evelyn, but always went by Evie.  Evie was my aunt but only three years older than me. She made a great playmate along with my cousin who was my junior by three years.  Once we were playing school and used the bedroom wall as our chalk board. Crayons on the wall didn't go over so well with my mother. Then, there was the time my record player got broken. I have forgotten over the years who played which role. One person told another one to put a pillow on top of the record player to make it a taller sitting spot. The third person sat on the pillow and broke the record player. Everyone thought it was someone else's fault. Was it the sitters fault or the one who placed the pillow? Wouldn't the one commanding the action be to blame. Nothing was ever settled, and I was left with a broken record player.

Below is one of my favorite pictures. I am the baby that little Evie is trying to please with the bunny.

This is my first post about my dad's family and not at all how I expected to begin writing about the Wrights, Bordens, and DeHart families. Of course, the news which prompted these words were not at all what I expected to hear when the phone call came.  My Aunt Evie, just three years older than I am, passed away July 13, 2015.

Remember to enjoy and to live each day....

tomorrow may not come your way.

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