Friday, July 10, 2015

Willow # 3 1951-1952

Turns out I found another picture that Dr. Bill at had put on a different post from the one where I found the group picture I shared on Willow #3 a couple of days ago.  In the picture from Wednesday's post, my husband was the baby. In this picture, he is a first grader (located between the two girls on the top row). The next year after the school closed, some of these students came to Scranton and some went to Coon Rapids. At Scranton Consolidated School, as a second grader, he met me. How about that!

Dr. Bill has the students names listed under the picture. Here is his list.

Top Row:  Mrs. Phelps, Jim Smith, Ruth Ann Christiansen, Tom Tolsdorf, Charolotte Shirbroun, Wilson Thomas

Middle Row:  Robert Hunter, Shirley Shirbroun, Jane Lovell, Jim Tolsdorf

Lower Row:  Gary Hunter, Judy Tolsdorf, Dick Hunter, Bill Smith

Thank you, Dr. Bill.

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  1. This is certainly one of my favorite all-time photos... Thanks for sharing! ;-)