Friday, August 28, 2015

Esquire Phillips - Friday's Feature

Who is Esquire Phillips, you ask?
From which side of the ancestral  tree is he?
Where did he live?
Did he have children?
Is he a direct line ancestor or a collateral?

Esquire Phillips is my husband's 4x great grandfather.
Esquire/ Elijah/ Celestia/ Minerva Jane/ Ina/ Doris/ Tom

He is Grandma Ina Augustus' great grandfather.
Do you suppose Ina's grandmother, Celestia, ever talked about her own grandfather, Esquire? Did she know him? Remember, Celestia, from Friday's Feature on August 14, 2015? Here is the review. Celestia...Friday's Feature 

Do you see how suddenly these 4x great or more grandparents take on a more personal connection. Let's assume that GGGrandma Celestia knew her grandfather. After all, they lived in the same area of Pennsylvania. She was approximately 19 when he died in 1848. Did he tell her about his Revolutionary War service? I never had many conversations with either of my grandfathers so I doubt Celestia did with hers either in the 1800's. Of course, I could be wrong. 

From a book called Revolutionary Soldiers of Warren County, Pennsylvania by Lucy M. Davis Cowen, I learned a little more about his service. Yes, it is a post to look forward to reading next Friday.

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