Monday, August 24, 2015

Mondays With Mary #13 (Heartfelt Quilters)

from the December 1991 Scranton Journal
I checked out the January 28, 1985 journal entry on Mom's calendar which the newspaper article referenced. It reads:
5* @ 6:45 a.m.  nice day
Went to Meredith Egans for afternoon
to quilt & work on small projects with
Eva Wampler- Micki Terrill-Jan Christian  -Vern
went to town in p.m.

Now we know who the first five members were.
The next week they went to Eva Wampler's followed by going to Micki Terrill's. Feb. 18, they met at Mom's (Mary). This follows with some Mondays at Jan's. I think I might study these entries a little closer soon. Especially since, it looks like they started having lunch now and then. Fun! Fun! Fun!

In the same newspaper from 1991, a Christmas Party was reported.
As the article stated, the membership has grown and changed over the years. The Heartfelt Quilters continue to meet on Monday afternoons and have added a session on Fridays. Eva Wampler, one of the original five, is still quilting with the group in 2015.

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