Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I was keeping ahead with my pre-post drafts and then I started falling a little behind. The slow down was due to life. Amazing how it seems to get in the way sometimes. Although, life is what is important. Remember, enjoy each day - tomorrow may not come your way.

Among other interrupting life events, I have been digging into the Phillips line whose first family immigrant sailed to the New World in 1630 aboard the Arabella. This has involved reviewing my early American history. What fun!  The discovery process is  extremely addicting, but I need to get back to what I already know and want to share with my cousins.

So, you might wonder why this post is labeled Wordless Wednesday when I am going on and on with words. Wordless Wednesday is a blogger prompt which features a picture, drawing, or other visual which could stand alone with no words needed.

I think I will have a few Wordless Wednesday's while building up my pre-draft inventory.  Today's photo should prompt some giggles from a few cousins.

Bill, Thelma (Pat), Jean, John

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