Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 19

Readers might notice that my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule is a little off. In the next couple of weeks, a post might come anytime. Don't be surprised. There might be a few more or a few less. By October, this irregularly should be back to normal.

Today is the 46th anniversary of the birth of my paternal grandmother's first great grandchild. Did you follow that?  Nina Frances Borden Wright was born September 19, 1900 in Cook County, Illinois. My father was her oldest child, and I was her oldest grandchild. How appropriate for her first great grandchild to be born on her 69th birthday. This great grandchild is also known as daughter to her father and me.

Birthday Celebration of 1978
My Grandma Nina and her first great grandchild

                      Happy Birthday Mrs. G.

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