Friday, November 13, 2015

Doris' Memories Continued

Last week I spoke of my mother-in-law, Doris, who we recently laid to rest after a full 97 years of life. This post can be reviewed at Friday's Feature-Doris. She had started writing some memories and had started with her very first memory of when her brother was born.

Today's memories are about starting school.
Then I remember my first day of school.  We had gone to the State Fair with much planning & scheduling chores & someone to do them.  My Grandparents Reeder, Aunt Jenny & Uncle Dick White had rented a big tent for the week-end. And my folks too. We walked to the fair from the campgrounds each day- sometimes came back to fix lunch & rest.

Then on Sunday afternoon Mom & Dad got ready to go home - chore time & I had school the next day & dad discovered he had lost the car key!  A security person on horseback came & they took the part that holds the key & took it uptown to a locksmith & came back & put it back together so we made it home.

I remember what I wore that 1st day. I rode the bus and someone showed me where the 1st grade room was.  There was a mixed 1st & 2nd grade as well as a 1st grade.  My teacher was watching for me & made sure I had a desk in her room. She married my Uncle Gerald so she knew who I was.

The school bus I first remember was a motor bus & there was a horse drawn one the 1st year or so.
I was in school it was driven by a senior in H.S. & would keep it and take care of the horses at his home at nite & would drive back in the morning.

The inside of the buses had long seats along the sides & a bench down the length in center. My first bus driver was Jack Cameron who was a family man - one daughter was in my class.

The 1st car I remember was a 4 door ford with side curtains which you had to button on in bad weather even a rain storm!  It seemed to take a lot of maintenance before a Sunday trip or especially a picnic. My mom would be busy fixing lunch to take on this picnic-fried chicken, which had to be caught & killed (by Dad) & he always had to go to town to have the oil checked or the tires, etc.  Mom would fix baked beans, pie, deviled eggs etc.
I knew she loved picnics because she said her family went on lots of picnics.

I enjoyed reading about the horse drawn school bus that was driven by a H.S. senior and that he took the horse to his home to take care of the horse.

And she remembered what she wore on her first day of school over 90 years ago.  I have no idea what I wore to school on my first day.

What caught your attention?

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