Monday, November 9, 2015

Mondays With Mary-a wedding, a funeral and a graduation

I've been reading through Mom's calendar for 1981. A few special days stood out.

Saturday, June 27, 1981

Windy this morning -cloudy- Vern and Roger Wright
unloaded bales into machine shed-
I cleaned house- Tom & Margie came about 2:30
we all went to Humboldt to Dave & Jenny's wedding
Home @1:15 a.m.

I remember this as a beautiful wedding.

As far as Roger Wright goes, I have no idea who this is. There are other Wrights, not related, who live around the area. Maybe he is from one of these families. (FYI: Yep, I found out he is the son of a neighbor.  Still no relation.)

Friday, July 3, 1981

Short & Betty down in a.m. for coffee.
Rained all day  Vern and Scott went to
Scranton in p.m.  Betty and I went to
Carroll for groceries. Tom, Margie, and Kelley
Came about 7:30 p.m. Left about 10 p.m.
They went to Joe Augustus funeral. (She means we had gone earlier in the day.)

What a sad event. Joe was my husband's first cousin. He was the victim of a car accident and was only 27 years old.  It might have been the first funeral I ever attended of a young man in his 20's. In attendance were many, many young adults. It was just so sad.

When I picked up the 1967 calendar, I found an entry I enjoyed.  It is written in true Mary style.

Saturday, May 27, 1967

went to Ames for Margie's graduation
picnic at Ledges in afternoon
started raining in evening

Yep, there she is again writing with such enthusiasm . After all, I was only the first person on either side of my family to go to college and earn a Bachelor's Degree. Ho, Hum.

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