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George Jackson Dehart (1835-1916) part two

On Friday, I started a post featuring my 2nd great grandfather, George Jackson Dehart.  This article is taken from a book about Calhoun County, Iowa and can be found in the local library at Lake City, Iowa.

(continued from Friday)

     Mr. Dehart's first wife died in this county, October 20, 1885, leaving five children, namely:  James F., who is now married and resides in Kansas;  Virginia Alice, wife of Sherman Peterson, of Lake City, Iowa; Emma Susan, wife of William Borden, of Chicago, Illinois; Frank, who is with his brother in Kansas; and May, at home.  On the 5th of June, 1888, Mr. Dehart was again married, in Calhoun county, his second union being with Miss Sarah Corey, who was born and reared in DeKalb county, Illinois, and is a daughter of Daniel Corey of the county.  By this marriage two children have been born:  John C. and Mary Caroline.
     Always a strong temperance man Mr. Dehart is now identified with the Prohibition party and is a stanch supporter of its principles.  He takes an active interest in educational affairs and most efficiently served as a member of the school board for some years.  He and his wife are both earnest and consistent members of the Baptist church of Lake City and are held in the high regard by all who know them.

I wonder who wrote this. I think I need to make a trip back to the Lake City library and check on this book.  The article infers that in
1885 when Sarah Skaggs Dehart died, her daughter, Emma Susan was married to William Borden. However, my other sources say Emma and William were married Nov. 2, 1897. Their only child, Nina, was born in 1900 so this makes more sense.

Some of my other thoughts have to do with 2 Great-Grandma Sarah Frances Skaggs. Some papers say Francis and others say Frances. Whichever... it seems that her granddaughter, Nina Frances Borden Wright, was named for her as well as her great granddaughter, LaVonne Frances Wright Grisso Tubra. I think following the names is fun. It shows the respect and love passed down the generations.

 It seems 2nd Great Grandma Sarah was buried in Lake City, Iowa.  Her father, David, is buried there as well. Now this is interesting. I wonder when David Skaggs came to Iowa from West Virginia. Had his wife died? Where is she buried?  Questions, questions.

My uncle and I were wondering about George Frank Dehart.  His sister, Mae, was only 2 when their mother, Sarah, died and George Frank was only 3 1/2. He must have gone to live with
his brother, James who was about 24 and now married according to the biography. However, James Floyd Dehart first married in 1888 according to other family records. Confusion. Problems to be solved. More confusion.

The following pictures are from the cemetery in Dalhart, Texas where George Jackson Dehart is buried.

The top part of the stone is not sitting on the bottom as it should.  It was not easy to photograph the front. Too bad all the descendants of George Jackson Dehart couldn't take up a collection and have the stone fixed.

The keeper of the cemetery was very, very helpful. The cemetery is also in excellent condition.

The plot itself is very large. It is surrounded with a stone border. It appears that there are only two interments, George Jackson Dehart and his daughter, Mary Caroline Dehart. Is the second wife of G.J Dehart, the mother of Mary Caroline buried here as well or did she return to Calhoun county in Iowa?

Any additional information about the above writing is welcome.

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